Warm Air Heating Bristol

Warm air heating Bristol

Warm Air Heating Systems heat a home by supplying warm air into rooms through discreet vents in either the walls or ceilings. They are similar to Air Conditioning Units – they blow air around the ductwork and out through vents throughout the house. The air is controlled by a thermostat.

Warm Air Heating is now available with fan flued room sealed heaters and now the latest technology – full condensing Warm Air heaters and electronic air filteration, for greater efficiency.

Parr & Evans can install, repair and service Warm Air Heating Systems and are nominated installers for Johnson & Starley heating systems. Johnson & Starley have built their position as market leaders in the Warm Air Heating industry and use the latest proven cutting-edge technology of Condensing Warm Air Heaters. They have been designed to offer exceptional reliability, unrivalled efficiency and warmth, combined with low carbon emissions and low operating noise levels.

Their new range of Aquair Warm Air Heaters have the ability to be run from a combination boiler to allow the user to have mains pressure hot water. It is also possible to run radiators from the combination boiler to rooms which are not heated by the Warm Air heater.

The Johnson and Starley Quantec combination boiler has WORLD leading technology which preheats your cold mains water with two extra coils on the back of the main boiler heat exchanger. This preheats the cold water, raising its temperature before it is heated in the plate heat exchanger.


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