Electric Heating Bristol

Electric heating Bristol

There are more than 2 million homes in Britain with no mains gas supply. In these situations, traditional gas-fired central heating is not a possibility and therefore electric fired heating solutions are the perfect alternative. ​

Modern electric flow boilers have all the functionality and performance of gas fired boilers, and the ease and convenience of ‘wet’ central heating. Electric fired central heating can be installed wherever there is mains electricity, and the location of the boiler itself is not limited by the need for flue access.​

Parr and Evans Heating recommend the use of Rointe radiators with electric central heating systems due to their high quality and consistent development of cutting edge products. Rointe radiators are made with high purity injected aluminum with digital thermostats and specialist digital sensors which are able to measure the precise temperature of the room.

The K Series Radiator maintains the stability of a comfortable ambience thanks to the Optimizer Energy Plus which provides the system with the necessary energy in each moment. This technology allows the maintenance of a set temperature within a ±0.25ºC margin of variation during the steady period. A more stable temperature means higher comfort.

As well as the Rointe range, Parr & Evans also install Heatrae Sadia. They offer a wide selection of electric boilers, including the Amptec and Electromax ranges. The Amptec Electric Flow Boilers are available in a range of sizes to suit the needs of varying homes and properties- from a small apartment up to a large family home- and are suitable for use in sealed or open vented installations.

Fusion electric boilers are a popular choice for homes with limited space as they are compact in design and contain all necessary modules within a single casing, eliminating external pipework, and thus can be easily fitted within air cupboards or similar spaces. Fusion boilers require a cylinder for storage of hot water, and can be installed with any type of wet heating system radiator. They are also a great choice for use with underfloor heating systems.

All fusion boilers are designed to be incredibly energy efficient, modulating so that your energy consumption and running costs will be regulated regardless of which heating cycle is in use.

Parr and Evans serve all areas in Bath and Bristol; for more information about electric heating, or a no-obligation quotation call today on 0117 961 6478.

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